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Privacy Policy

Safety Approach

Flightdesks preserves all rights to change or re-establish its privacy policy without any prior indication to the users. Hence, users are recommended to check the updated policies of Flightdesks from time to time. There is convenient option to check when this Privacy Policy was last revised, by clicking on the "Last Updated" column given at the top of the page or they can directly contact the customer service to know about the latest update in rules. After introduction of the reassessed Privacy Policy, the development in Privacy Policy is undeniable.

Data required by Flightdesks

Nobody can access the client information without our approval. Flightdesks is liable for protecting their client’s confidentiality. Flightdesks makes sure that all the data submitted by its users on site or confirmed through phone is 100 percent safe and secure under this policy. Maintaining the user’s data in our protected database is our prime concern. We do not allow any third party to access the data without our consent. Data normally adds in the subtle individual elements. For our expediency we categorize the given data with several aspects like voyaging inclinations, dinner demands, seat determination, ticketing choices etc.

About Traveler

Neither Flightdesks nor its associates are liable for any correction in details of tickets; therefore, those who are booking ticket for another person must provide the accurate data of the person who will be traveling. You must not book tickets without their consent in personal. It is advised to know their choices and preferences before getting them registered as later on changes will not be permitted.

Data retrieval

Flightdesks is subjected to retrieve data from any other reliable sources. It preserves all rights to gather some information about our users in any case of uncertainty about the person.

Third party access

Flightdesksrespects the privacy of individual users so they are liable of keeping the data of their customer protected and never reveal to others. On the other hand, who have predominantly provided the consent to obtain third party information and offers as part of their user profile then in that case Flightdesks may provide the data on lease of those particular registrants.

How we secure your information?

To secure information of our users Flightdesks assures that it is actualizing the particular, regulatory and physical security methodology for guarantee. With the change in technology, Flightdesks make use of encryption methods whenever diffusion of accurate data is done. It does not completely rely on old traditional methods of safety. We have employed several firewalls for safety purposes.

Data gathered by Third-Party Advertising firms

The third party has capacity to collect your information by the utilization of treats or gifts offered by them. When you claim for these gifts, at same moment your valuable information is retrieved by third party advertising firms. We do not have any board of the gifts. We do not count this under our protection policy.

How We Make Use of Your Data

We make use of the charging data at the time of booking. Rest of the data is chiefly useful to give the products and services and sometimes the data is used to take a curiosity in overview, for settling any debate etc.

We share your data with whom?

Flightdesks informs you about sharing the valuable information with the transporters, hotels, auto rental suppliers, showcasing, extortion preventers, charge card processors, client administration and to several business accomplices in the company of whom the managements are offered equally.In spite of promising not to share information from anyone, Flightdesks has legal rights to make use of your information or reveal your information for the purpose of lawful claims; it can be done without your acknowledgement or any prior information. The company may share your data or information with some financial specialists or promoters.

Client decisions for utilization of data

It is planned to confer all of us the essential data in order to empower relieve in travel buy.

Kids' Privacy

We never offer any assistance or suggestions to the children below 13 years. However, in case any child below this comes within reach of Flightdesks in order to get travel direction then we inquire for parental consent of that child. Parental consent is crucial to go ahead in case minor wants to travel alone.

Outer Links

If you find our website associated with another website then it is not in the area of protection approach.

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For all your queries, get assistance at info@ Flightdesks .com. Our team will revert you soon.

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